Thursday, 11 September 2014

Little Cat Update!

I just though i would do alittle update blog post about my little fur baby's! louie and oreo!
 they both have settled in with each other so well ist like they have never been apart from each other, when louie is out she cries for him, and just wont settle down, its like she feel lost and just is not her little cute self, they are like a little married couple, i say tommy is lou because hes lazy and just likes too be hugged and tickled, where oreo is just all on her own and always wants too sleep in the same place and is a very anxious little girl if there is any loud or quite noise she will jump up bless her, so tommy says its me! 

My little fat louie

This little boy is going too be 15 in 9 months time! which is 56 in human years! hes getting old bless his little pink beans (if you no what i mean comment below and you win aTHEME
all that he seems too do latley is sleep and eat, and want cuddles i dont no if thats because hes getting old or he is just one lazy little man lol, he has always been sleepy but seems like more atm? but i just adore the little bones of him!! 

thing he loves too do.
  1. sleep
  2. cuddle
  3. sunbath
  4. go play outside
  5. eat
  6. eat sleep cuddle repeat.

 The little girl baby of the family oreo


 This little girl is getting in too everything! and i mean everything as im writing this she is in a blastic bag that i have filled up full of old clothes etc, shes a little terror you cannot leave anything around with out her intoo it! included food lol, shes such a nosy little girl too, BUT shes is such a good little girl at night she used too cry and cry till she could get in and see us or untill somebody went and seen her, but she sleeps all night buttt untill she heres somebody walking around the house (back of the house) she meows so lou she probely wakes the whole street up she will be 2 in march <3

thing she loves too do.

  1. eat
  2. sleep
  3. sometimes cuddle
  4. sun bath on the window
  5. climb the curtains
  6. chase flyes
  7. eat flies
  8. eat sleep cuddle repeat

Hope you liked the little update of the kitty kids! ill do another one of these when they reach there next age!  

lots of love.