Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 way's too love exercise

1. Find something that you enjoy: doing a work out you really just hateee doing then do one that you love, and makes you smile while doing it no matter how silly it looks or is do it! even if its just a work out dvd, a good yoga session anything!

2. Make it a habit:  habits are a very good start too an exercise routine, it becames a habit just like taking your tablets in the morning or making yourself some brekky 

3. Music! make a playlist that you love that very upbeat! none of this sad music that just makes your pace slower and you just feel sad and not happy! i work out too dubstep, it upbeat and has really fast sound's which makes me get a sweat on! 

4. Competition: yep get a work out buddy! this makes you feel like you need too keep up with them which makes it fun for you both and you will work up a very good sweat
5. Track: if you track your progress you will see what youve been doing and it makes you believe you can do it and then here comes the fun part! you start too lose weight!

6. Makes you happy: 'RESEARCHED'   ''scientists examine how exercise is one of the best cures for Depression because your brain produces higher levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine as your heart rate goes up and those work as natural anti-depressants. While those three work as an antidepressant, endorphins work as a feel-good cure which can last for up to 12 hours after a half-hour run. If you’ve been in a bad mood all day or feel upset, go for a run, punch those punching bags and see how great you’ll feel after'' 

7. Ease your self: if you try and run a 5k when you first start exercising, or you do something that you wouldnt normaly do, this is just going too mess you up alot try taking it easy and ease yourself it too doing the right exercise for you.  

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