Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Today i just thought i would free write, write about just thing in between not have a theme too the blog post just kinda talk too my blog and just get the horrible anxious things ive had of my chest and just talk today i have spent the whole day in my pj's and i have loved every min if it! just not been feeling myself the last day or so, so its been nice just too be all cosy in my fluffy pjs bottoms and tommy big top. i just think if you wear something you loved one loves then it just make you feel that extra bit loved and snuggly doesnt it? what do you wear when you aint feeling yourself do you have something you cuddle up to and just feel better? today i just feel really fluey and sicky and just very anxious and i just really dont like it loL! and i really want icecream that would be perfect! 

when i committed too blogging everyday in october i get this writer block feeling and just never now what too write, so this blog post is a random outburst of nothing ness with a pretty girl with teabags and teacups on a very pretty bed! sorry it was not so much of a good post, not feeling the love tonight love you all lots night night <3