Saturday, 4 October 2014

favourite thing


hello darlings!

I have been missing doing my favourite thing every month, but just didnt find anything i have really really liked untill last month there has been a very good month with a few of my favorite things and i have really adored them, beauty and body and even food and drink bits! so lets get started.

Avon Advance Techniques 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil Leave in Treatment - 
as you all know i had a very bad problem happen a couple of months ago which made all my hair just burn/fall out and i was left with very un healthy short uneven hair, i was not in a good place, my friend that i talked too about it was very worried too and a week later she gave me this very amazing leave in treatment, wow what can i say its been leaving my hair very shiny and soft and even been making my hair lovely and thick you only need a few drops to get the best result, but i do have short hair you may need more if you have long lovely hair

Lavender Swirl Soap - 
I love this product im not sure where its from as it was a present and my father in law said  .it was called lavender swirl's he said it's been discontinued so i cannot even find it online or buy it again! im so sad its got such a lovely soapy fomb it it soo and doesnt leave me itchy like alot of soap! it also makes me very sleepy before bed i jump in the shower and make sure i use it! 

M.A.C  Mascara- 
I've already told you about this in my last favorites but it had too be in there again, ive been using it so much and just love how soft and long it makes my lashes  and also doesn't make my lashes look like 'spiderlegs' so thats a good thing! the mascara formula isnt glubby so doesnt make you eye lashes stick together 

Alberto Balsam Coconut And Lychee Sampoo And Conditioner- 
yep! theses have made it in there yet again, i adore these so much they smell amazing and leaves my hair so soft and doesnt make my hair frizzy like most of the other shampoo's i use, it even helps with my hair falling out with hormones.

Peach Ice Tea-
this is the most amazing cold drink i have ever tasted its so fresh and yummy i cannot get enough of it! 

 and just a couple of other things ive been using but have been in so many of my favorites that i feel stupid writing them out yet again!