Saturday, 4 October 2014

Walm me up winter..

photo edited by me. found on google

The questions are by:  Floral Princess  

Whats your favourite hot chocolate? - i love the areo bubbley hotchocolate its been my favorite hotchocolate as long as i can remember!!! 

Whats your favourite pj's, fluffy socks and slippers? -  i love xmas print pj's with snow and winter prints and the fluffy socks you get in a pack of three with different colors, and i dont really wear slippers 

Favourite thing about winter - walm clothing, snow, hotchocolate, winter treats, getting dark early

Favourite winter lip product - Vaseline! i love that there is so many nice flavors too atm 

Favourite winter candle - cinnamon stick  by yankee 

Favourite candle - cinnamon stick  by yankee 

Favourite cozy jumpers - my panda one that i got last year so will get too wear it again!! :)


Favourite scarf - dont really wear them but ive had one that i never seem too get ride of that i got as a present when i lost my old one, butttt ill be using it this year!

Favourite bath bomb - haven't had one, but im gonna order some xmasy ones from lush in december so will keep you posted!  

Favourite winter scent  - cinnamon, and mince pies!! and fresh wind  

What do you like about winter? -  ''walm clothing, snow, hotchocolate, winter treats, getting dark early''

Favourite movies  - all the halloweeny ones and xmas ones!!! 

Do you like the snow? - love it! so xmasy and pretty! 

i taggg!!! YOU! <3