Saturday, 25 October 2014

Five happy things.

The feeling of autumn:  i just adore autumn, the wind the sounds the smells. its been so cold too! i have had too start layering up my clothes or i will be frezzing when i got out! brrr, my sister in law and her family are coming up again on tuesday and we will be going on a big walk around the park, i will be layering too the max lol, what do you like too wear in this very cold weather?

New yankee smells: if you like me and find the perfect yankee candle or tart then you will no when you find a new smell you like, its like falling in love all over again! my new favorite smell is candy cane, it was ment too be for xmas eve but i. could. not. wait! it smells lush!

Long socks: long socks are perfect for this weather i just love wearing them in bed or under my clothes when im on my little adventures in the cold weather.

Long chats: lately i have really found who is the idea person too talk too about all my little anxiety worries and other kinda worries, i have started talking too this girl so much the last year and i can say she is becoming a true friend iknow i can talk too her about anything and we have really talked about the most random stuff none too man, we just dont care what we say to each other and i just adore that i can be me when i talk too her <3 and you think who is this wonderful girl you are talking about and the answer is ... the aaaamazing Lulu
i just wished we lived closer, we would have the best fun ever! thankyou lu for everything { i have another girl i can talk too alot also, but she aint got blogger but i love you moo }

Positive things: when you are feeling very positive about something, and you find something you have been finding very hard, just fall intoo place and you just feel like you can do anything :)

what are you five happy things in life? lots of love xoxox