Friday, 24 October 2014


Hii lovely's! i really just cannot sleep tonight! which is a same as im going halloween shoping tomorrow, just hope i will be able too get up in time! lots of alams are being set tonight lol so just like the title says.... 'keeping up with your blog'

I get asked this quite alot in my twitter and blog facebook, so i just thought i would help out and give you some of my best tips too help you run you blog daily. so lets get started.

Be organised: that is one of the mail things i love about blogging, being able just write down any ideas i have that day, or my case night and you more than likely going too want too blog when you can see it in your daily journal/diary so here is a blog post i have done on being organised and how too help with blogging here 

Do what you love: do not copy what every body else is doing blog about what you love weather it fashion cats or even the color of the sky on a rainy day! dont blog too follow the trend, it your blog blog about what you want too blog about thats what makes it personal

Blog when you want: you dont have too blog every day, but it would be a nice thing too keep up with your blogging maybe write in your calender when you would like too blog this way you will be ready by the time comes, and while your waiting for the day too arrive maybe plan it out and write down your ideas and your history about the blog post and just get every little thing really for you post

Shortcuts: shortcut the helll! out of your blog post this way when people are reading you blog post maybe through in a link too another blog post that's just like the blog post that they are reading 

Font: make sure you font on your whole blog is readable that way your views will be able too read it with out getting alittle bit of a headache and the words going of the page   

lots of love night night xoxo

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