Saturday, 11 October 2014

Kawaii box!! || number two

Hello lovely's hope all is well! sorry ive not been blogging much i have family from manchester staying with use, but monday il get back too where i left of, so much for blogober! but anyway last month i did a review of my monthly kawaii box you can read it here  but anyway i got my second one today! and O.M.GOSH they have done an amazing job yet again! and eee so excited too share this with you! they said it was going too be a special one this month an they really was not lying! there was rumors saying it was going too be halloween related but than gosh it wasn't :) so lets gett started ay?

so what i got in this months box!!

1 two little sweetie piggy tail bobby's  classed as 1 item each 
2 a little froggy card
3 hello kitty pen
4 face cloth
5 jewelry seals
6 stickers
7 pencil case
8 sweeties (grapefruit)
pencil sharpener
10 little animal squsshy 
11 cat teddy bag charm 

so for 11 pound! thats amazing <3 ill be doing another unbox next month! <3 lots of love night night <3