Thursday, 9 October 2014

One of them post.

Hello lovely's wow! at yesterday's blog post what was i even on about?! sorry it wasn't my normal blog postself! i think i needed a little word with myself hehe..  Today i though i would do a xmas inspired post just too get you all in the xmas spirit hehe, im so excited for all the little yummy treat's and going xmas shopping and picking all the presents for all your loved one and writing the cards oooh just perfect! today i was looking around good old pinterest and found some lovely little xmas photos and thought this was the perfect post too share them with you..

what are you looking forward to this xmas?!  do you have any traditions? here are some of mine!

  1. new pj's for xmas eve
  2. new outfit for the day
  3. hot chocolate and listen to my dad tell a story {yep still}
  4. xmas wrapping the day before xmas with some baileys
  5. mince pies and chocolate!!

there so many more but really cannot think of any hehe! ill do a edit of the blog post after xmas and add anymore in!   lots of love's sweetie's night night xoxox