Friday, 17 October 2014

Little treat // Liz Earle product!

Hii lovely's im in a bit of a grumpy mood today, i don't no why but do you ever wake up feeling grumpy? but im trying not too let it get too me because then i will get anxious haha! oh mental health you suck! changing subject just in case i get started on what tommy call's the train { where i never stop when im anxious and i just ramble till i cry lol } do you ever feel like that? noo just me okay.. *hangs head in shame* 

well anyway i though i would give myself a little treat, as a present i was very lucky too get a liz earle product! and man // i am. in. love with, it! like wow omgosh i am addicted i want too use it every single night { kinda have been } the smell is amazing! its naturally active ingredients in which are: rosemary ; chamomile ; cocoa butter and eucalyptus essential oil's sounds good enough too eat aye?this product quickly removes oil, grease, grime, makeup and everything that has been sticking too your face through the day.

how too use it: message a couple of pumps on too dry skin { face and neck } you do this twice a day but i only try too do it very little as its only a little bottle } rinse a cloth or the muslin cloth in hand hot water and wring out and gently wipe of the cream and then rinse your face as normal // 

what i think: i think it is a very lovely product; i use it just before i get in too bed with my chamomile tea { haha sound like im some chamomile detox } the smell is amazing! really is good enough too eat! once you add it on the skin you can already feel that its doing something as i get a kinda tingly feeling which is a very nice feeling when im all bunged up with my sinus problems // so i can safely say you should get this and give it ago, it makes your face so flawless and soft the next day there is no need too wear any make up well that my opinion anyway, you can still wear it, but i just tent too leave my face bear, it feel like i have had a little facial the next day so just dont want too mess it up with messy skin and a grubby face. 

so have you tried cleanse and polish what did you think if you did!? lottts of love darlings night night xox

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