Friday, 17 October 2014

Another // autumn tag

Hii lovely's! i found a new autumn tag and if you have been following my blog the last year you will no i.adore.autumn tag's. i did one not too long ago but these have some different questions so i couldn't resist. C':


Favourite drink:  // My favorite hot chocolate i make it. is. yummy! you can find it here 

Favorite album:  // I have been loving ed sheeran loose change its been my favorite album for ages but i still adore the song in the album so so much.     

Favourite thing to wear:  // Big jumpers and the plain thermal leggings, but if im not going out anything walm and cosy! 

Favourite leaf:  // I adore the yellowy ones, that have just a hint of orange in there two, {i thought about this question alittle tooo much.

Favourite pumpkin face:  // I have never done the face's pumpkins! but i adore the little kitty ones and the jack ones. do you make pumpkin face's? what do you have planed this year?  

Favourite movie:  // I love cuddling up and watching all the disney films in the the autumn it just feel right cuddled up watching bambi and winnie the pooh haha such a big kiddy! 

Thing to do: // Read above? hehe IF and its a big if lol, i love going one little walks too the park because the trees look so beautiful and its all prettyyy hhhmmmm!! loveee. it.

Comfort food: // Pizza, and bad bad badddd foood! but i do love a good walm meal like mac and cheese! that my all time favorite food, it love in a bowl lol! 

Candle to burn: //  I adore cinnamon candles! 

Lip colour: // I dont really wear lip colors in the winter i just normally wear vaseline, i sometimes wear the vaseline called rose, just for alittle pop of color i just get really sore chapped lips in cold weather so just tent too stick too lip balms .

I tag anybody who would like too do this tag, lotttts of love xoxo

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