Friday, 24 October 2014

My Little nephew // peter pan the boy that never grew up.

Hii lovely's well today is going too be a very special post about somebody i love too the end of the world and back, that would be my little nephew lewis, lewis was born a normal little baby on the 23rd of december 1991 he was born a healthy 7lb 4Oz and when he was 3 months old he started the whooping cough injections, then he started having grand mal fits and started going unconscious evey other second, his mum knew that there was something not right with her very un well little boy! they started him on epileptic medication by this point his mum and dads heart's where breaking by seeing there not even one, baby being ill all the time, he was progressing well by clapping, saying his first words!

and then when he was 1 and a half he went into the worse fit that would change his life forever, he was in the fit for 2 and a half hrs! by this time the doctor had just left him too it, and his mum and dad just watched him. and was saying his wasn't in a fit, and his mum knew that he was in a fit because she had seen him in that many fits in his short life, that she knew it was a fit, but the doctor was say nope hes not in a fit! and cos she would not listen he stopped breathing and died, they had too get the crash team out too resuscitate him, by this time he poorly little brain had been starved of oxygen and made him severely brain damaged, which has left him with the metal age of a baby.

but he has conquered soo sooo much he has learnt too walk with having little drop attacks and and so he was given alittle helmet so he wouldn't damage his head while falling so sudden he has even been saying new words, and shouting on the top of his voice, his new favorite word is meow, what a cutieeee!! this little boy has changed my whole word his is the most amazing little boy in a mans body you will ever meet, he gives you the best smiles you could ask for, but if he doesnt like you YOU. WILL. NOW IT! i remember when i first met him, i had a empty can and asked where too put it and was told too put it in the bin so from then on i was none as in the bin!! and just as i sat down he through his favorite toy at my head and gave me concoction the little poo head lol! i would not change him for the whole world! my heart is bigger and loves more with you in my heart i love you alott my little loubylou! <3