Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pregnancy and infant loss awareness

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness this is something i hold closely too my heart as i an some loved ones have lost baby's and infants. there as so many people who lives have been touched by the loss of a baby! its such an heart breaking thing too deal with, this month is where all grieving parents can come together and remember each others loved ones, and just have that feeling of somebody there who has gone through the same heart breaking thing as you! this month there is going too be a thing called the 'international wave of light.' where people all around the world will light a candle in honor of all the pregnancy and infant Loss just too show that people are not alone. sorry this blog post was not a very cheery post but i just needed too share pregnancy and infant loss awareness. thankyou for taking the time out too read this and maybe if you can show your support on October 15 at 7pm thankyou..     lots of love too all that have lost, and too my beautiful lollipop  12/5/08 

might seem like a silly photo but its all i have left.