Sunday, 5 October 2014

C U R R E N T L Y . . .

R E A D I N G  ive not really been reading a book but i have been reading alot more of my favorite bloggers and been having a good catch up with there very missed blog post's!  lulu stacie darling and i have missed reading there blogs there always so good too read! i love them <3 

W R I T I N G  ive finally started writing my offline diary again! so happy about that tooo i lost intereste when i was writing online ones, so though meh dont need too but theres thing i cannot write online that o can in my journal so its just making life so much easyer, specially with my trussed issues.

L I S T E N I N G  Fifa 15 song's (tommy playing it) i always love the songs from it, half the time i downlode them hehhe but its too early atm as its not been out too long but i will be on the look out for it! 

T H I N K I N G  What im going too make for tea? hmmm i have veg and minted lamb thingy but we had that yesterday but i really want it again so might just make that or some cheesey pasta i really dont no hmm!

S M E L L I N G  Nothing still :( silly blocked sinuses, back too the doctors for me again soon! does anybody else have really bad problems with theres too? could really use somebody too talk too about it and maybe alittle advice. 

W I S H I N G  I could make my loved ones feel better with whats happened the last couple of weeks, its been such a horrible thing, i hate death really makes you want too keep all you loved ones rapped in cotton wool :( 

W E A R I N G  Pjs!  haha! i always seem too have them on when im doing these hehe! BUT for once im not dying my hair lol! 
L O V I N G  My family & friends really gotten too be really close with them over the last couple of weeks and its been kinda nice, death really brings people together and you realise how much you love and miss them when there not around.

W A N T I N G  Cake!!  i really want cake, i have tow cake mixes but not eggs! must get eggs saturday!! we have my sister in law and her partner up from manchester then too so that going too be fun :) 

N E E D I N G  To make tea not really that hungry but we gotta eeeeeet! right?

F E E L I N G  Very Loved <3