Saturday, 18 October 2014

Thing's i want // Winter addition.

Hii lovely's! thought i would do a simple post tonight as its been such a busy day, and i have just sat down since 3 this after noon, its now 11:00 uk time! so as you can tell im not really going too write one of my big massive blog post about my day etc, so i thought i would do a winter wish list..

They are all from new look apart from one thing so lets get started with links and prices! 

Cracking christmas jumper // LINK This beautiful top is only £14.99 and goes up too a size 18

Dear jumper // LINK I got so excited when i saw this in the shop last week as i am adoring dear atm and baby dears, so for a £16.00 you can be cosy and cute! 

Black checked legging's // LINK  I dont normaly wear things like this but i really liked how you can turn them up at the bottom and pair them with a walm jumper, i will be getting these for xmas day me thinks the price is £17.99

Fluffy onesie // LINK  I. WANT. THIS. RIGHT. NOW! { wishes on a start } how ad.or.a.ble is this!! it looks like the most perfect onesie anybody could want right? and just loooook at them little ear's on top <33333 and the price is £19.99

Black Boots // LINK   As much as i love ugg's theres also nothing 'grownup' the wearing these and having really cosy feet you can pair these with the leggings at the top.

Pink sock's // LINK  Nothing better than nice cosy big sock's for under your leggings or what ever your wearing, these are £5.99

Well i think this might be my xmas outfit! but need too pick one of the xmas jumpers too go with them, oooh so excited, and when i have ate too much i can put my onesie on and just watch the kids play or crappy xmas tv
oh so excited eee.. night night lovelys <33