Sunday, 16 November 2014

Lettter too younger heather


please don't be too keen too make friends! the ones you make are not your friends they will make you feel worthless and ugly, just too make them self feel better, oh and yes there is scissors in the bathroom, but it doesn't mean they are there too be used on you fringe! 
also stick up for yourself!! cos later in life you will feel like you cannot tell somebody where too go and it is hard! ... also listen too you heart, he doesn't love you he just wanted what all men wanted, you are young you will find Mr right, but then he wasn't no Mr right then! 

stick up for your self when the bullies try too hurt you, kick them right back they are going too mess you whole school experience up and you will end up leaving school 2 years early 
Dont wash you hair twice a day thats just going too make your hair look crappy and thats just another reason for them stick up cows too take the mick out of you for something else that day! 

I know you are socially awkward, this is a problem, BUT it will make you a better person when you grow up, you will be aware of things alot more and you will be alot safe iknow you got ran over and iknow your scared but little by little you will regain the strength and get back out there and be fine, { even though at the age of 28 you are still kinda scared of crossing big main road! that will never go }   

when you get too the age of 18 you will meet the love of you life and marry him 6months later! {yep your thinking too soon} but you will move too scotland and be the most happyist you have ever been.. 

spend more time making you siblings feel special stay close too them always, and stop being so cheeky too your parents!! they do alot for you and they love you.. 

lots of love heather age 28. <3