Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's almost christmas darlings!

it's always been a favorite, to decorate my christmas tree, and get intoo the christmas spirit, this will be my second xmas since giving it up for 4 years {jw} so it just feels that more special,  listen to the carpenter's, and eating what ever xmas treats you have already bought in, I've been really feeling the christmas spirit since a couple of night ago when we were at my parents and we had xmas songs on and they were having a drink, tommy has told me i can get a tattoo for one of my xmas pressys! soo soo excited, ive already got an idea, im thinking of getting a little doe, with a bow and little flowers round the bottom of her kneck? if that makes sense! i havent got any xmas pressys in yet, but hopefully next week we get too do some xmas shopping, i have some ideas of what too get people it just having the money, and and and we will be walming our hands with one of the costa xmas drinks!! :)

what do you do too get in the christmas spirit? xox