Thursday, 13 November 2014

Random outburst.

this is going too be a short and sweet post today, as im not feeling 100% a lot of things are happening in my life atm that i cannot talk about on here, its nothing bad but its the start of my life changing, and you no when something happened before and you just cannot help but worry, what if it happens again, whats if its too late etc! but something big is going too be happening in the next year or maybe soon, all will be told next week or after xmas, i know that you reading this think what the frig is she on lol, this post is pointless but at the end of the day it just a random post that has a meaning behind it, not just a rambling woman having a metal break down i promise! haha there will be somebody reading this and she will no what im on about thank gosh! but for the time being im going too keep you all guessing lots of love from a very crazy heather xoxox