Friday, 12 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 12

Happy Blogmas Day Twelfth!

so today I feel so  CHRISTMASY , i decided i wanted too do a CHRISTMAS project, what more better way then making you little people in you life feel that extra bit of CHRISTMAS spirit just before the big day! so  i though i would make them a little present from santa, i made them a little letter full of glitter and sparkly gel pens, but too tell you the truth  i think i had the best time ever making them all glittery and xmasssy even if i am full of glitter! yay im a CHRISTMAS  tree haha so lets get too what you will need (orr what i used)

the problem is im always drawing and writing with my little sister so she knows what my handwriting looks like! which is kinda poo as i wanted too hand write them too add that extra CHRISTMAS spirit but never mind it means i get too play around with photos and frames  and CHRISTMAS templates which was also fun! 

okay you will need: (if your not hand writing these)

  • Coloured printer
  • Paper
  • Editing app
  • Glitter 
  • Gel pen's
  • Envelops 

hope you got a good idea from this for you little ones lots of love and christmas dust xoxo

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