Thursday, 11 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 11 ( read with care )

Happy Blogmas Day Ten!

Hello, so today i thought i would talk too you about something that i hated my whole life, and would mess with my life.. i have been too scared too go and sort this out! DENTIST! they are the worse thing in the world! i would have anxiety attacks just thinking about them, i had a very bad root canal when i was younger and they messed my teeth up for as long as i could remember, but Tommy had the same problem he hated dentist! so we had a sit down and found the most amazing dentist, that's for people who are scared of dentist! they are the most lovely-ist people ever! they are so gentle with you and make you less anxious, even if they have the hands in your mounth! lol so im going too show you my teeth before! im 
kinda embarrassed about these photos  so please be nice lol! as im opening up my heart with you <3

before. and after, 

yay! im so happy with the end results! these aint the best photos as im so swollen and red as these are taken after the works has been done, this is only three dentist trips! i have one more but i think that's just a end one where they look into everything that's happened etc., than after that it will be a every month check up just too see how i am and if there needs too be any more teeth whiting <3 i am beyond happy <3 lots of love and Christmas dust  xoxox