Monday, 8 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 8

Happy Blogmas Day Seven!

Today it was a very special day! it makes the 8th year of a very special little boy was born, he was the most cuties little thing i had ever seen , i watched him be delivered and adored him the first time i holded him, i even cut his little cord he is the most caring little boy and uncle you could ask for, he shares all his toys and sweeties too anybody hes a little cutie i adore the llittle bones of him <3

so today for him birthday he wanted chicken and chips! bless him what a cute little meal for an 8 years old, they normaly want pizza or burgers but nope my little alex want's a grown up meal and chocolate cake for afters, so i sat and played with his new games and had lots of lovely snuggles and took some very cute photo's for out memory bank i will share a couple with you but not them all unless your on facebook you can see them on there so lets get too the photos aye? :)

little christmas baby! <3 lots of love and christmas dust xoxo