Wednesday, 10 December 2014

December! || Blogmas day 9

Happy Blogmas Day Nine!

hello lovelys i have the worse head cold know too man! but i have had a good few day's so this is just going too be a little post on the last couple of days, with photos and updates, sorry none is late not feeling the best <3

day 9: update.

1. weather warnings! its has been the most coldist december i have remembered in along time, this day is the reason i got ill, the wind was going to fast i was getting blown away! but i did get my hair done and it looks lovely! it had too be short as the hairdresser wanted it too be alot healthyer and grow abit better 

2. got in bed and sleeped for about 14 hr yep! thats why i wasnt really blogging i was in bed sleeping of this head cold that just still wont go!

and then the rest of the night when i f  got up, i had some food and watched my hairdressing program and went too bed! 

what a fun 9th? :) 

lots of love and christmas dust xoxox


  1. your hair looks lovely! I recently cut my hair short too, and its so much better, no longer tangled into scarves and stuff,ha

    1. awh! thankyou darling, i just needed it all choped of, ready for new year! xxx