Saturday, 27 December 2014


hello my lovely lots! I hope you had the most magical christmas you could ask for! im so sorry for the week away! I took this time too just clear my head and come back with a bang ready for next year's blog antics! I have so much planned for next year it's making me excited for 2015! my blog will be a big massive part of that my blog will be the same normal blog but ill be bring a little bit of a different touch too it! 

what did you get up too and what did father christmas bring you!? I have a planned blog post tomorrow due too go up so ill leave this short and sweet, lots of love xoxo

what Santa got me: { Not Bragging}

Iphone Ps3 games and hdmi cord as mine broke! 3 sets of pjs, a jumper 4 pairs of sockys
got my hair done! 4 candles, a vintage candle holder lots of painting stuff {planning on paining this year} some glass pain tooo, harry potter painting, money, chocolate, owl things, nail varnish, hello kitty plushy, stationary, oil buring set with some orange and cinnomon melts  ive proberly left something out!! <3

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