Saturday, 27 December 2014

What has been my christmas favourites.

As christmas is no longer with use well for 365 day's at least ;) I thought I would write a little list of some of the favorite things ive had this years xmas, and I will more than likely add new years eve too my little collection next year! ;) 

drink - Well every year I love a glass of white wine with my christmas dinner with some lemonade as im not a big drinking and a glass of pure wine will make me a little tipsy! and had little kids chocolate too steal! :p .. but when we all settled down I had my usual cup of tea, just too let all mu dinner settle down, and then had some rosie wine after    

movie - There was a couple of movies on mute while the kids played and the adult's chatted and drank some wine, but as soon as the snow man came on I unmuted the channel and sat and watched that, it brings back so many memory's of being a kid, so I stole my nephew and sat and watched it with him, he even cried when he melted :( poor thing! 

food -  the whole roast that is what christmas is made of right? and stuffing you face with chocolate!

present - iphone!!

favorite part of the day - when me and tommy was dancing away too music and I was packing up the xmas too take too my mums and we had a hotchocolate <3 

boxing day - boxing days one of my favorite days after xmas, when the kiddies are so sleepy and everybody eats and just chats about the amazing xmas they had xx

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