Friday, 2 January 2015

Fitness diary' 2015.

New year alway's mean's new goal? one of my goal's has been one that's just always been there, weight gain has always been a big problem in my life so on the first of July I thought it was time! time too get of the couch and stop complaining about it and actually do something so! here is a little list of things im aiming for a doing too help 2015 be the best year for my health and fitness! here too kicking my fat ass in gear! ;)  

So if anybody followers me on Instagram I have made my own little hash tag with my progress and fitness levels, I aint going too post my BMI as it's quite shocking! but make's it a little bit more noticeable when I DO lose all the weight im about too lose this year! im 30 next year which is quite scary as I don't want my weight too course any bad health issues as the older you get the harder it is meant too be harder too lose eek :/    

The thing's I will be giving up and the thing's ive already gave up! ( like a fitness bucket list )

Give up dairy
Give up drinking pop
Drink more water
Drink more peppermint than caffeine 
Cut down on sugar intakes
More fruit
Start exercising 
Complete my 35 day challenge
Less time on the internet and more going out 

the last couple of day's I opened up my own hash tag on Instagram  if you would like too follow my progress and fitness levels, my hash tag is  #Fattoofit2015 .. here are what ive done in January 

Day 1: 

Day 2:


Red and blue Nike trainers

FITBIT flex activity and sleep wristband - pink

so I think I might be kicking this fitness thing's but! im just loving the feeling even if im struggling too walk today from yesterday's then too add too the today's! But I feel amazing! and couldn't be more proud of myself! for sticking to the start of my new years revolution!  so it's time for bed lots of love xoxo

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