Friday, 2 January 2015

Things I've'

Hello sweet cheek's If you came here too read about my favourites of December then your going too have too wait a day or so as ive lost one of the things I wanted to talk about! so I thought I would do a 'Things I've' blog post as ive seen this on a couple of the blog's ive been reading and though it would really get my feeling out 

Things I've stressed over

My health!  // unfortunately with my anxiety, my head makes up these things where 'im dying' I have cancer, ohh that doesn't look right?! oh gosh im going deaf, ive talked too the doctor before and he says im just being silly and ive been told im a hypochondriac and its such a stressful condition that really really gets me down and drives me crazy! 

What im wearing //  are my leggings too c through, oh gosh does this make me look fat? yea! I know everybody stresses about these, but I feel like I worry about it way more than I should! I even worry about my pj's!

Blogging // have I write enough post? are the good enough? are people even reading them, my blog is my life and lately its really been stressing me out wondering are my blog post good enough 

Sleeping // I have been sleeping way too much too the point where I don't get too much time up untill bedtime

 Things I've cried over:

My hair // I just hate how short it is but ive needed too get it cut too help it grow

My weight //  I put weight on at the most random time! and it just gets me down so much! this year ill be losing weight so Ill be able too stop getting so sad over it

Things that make me excited:

Wearing pj's all day 
New pens 
Clean flat

Things that I'm still getting used to:

Not going bed till 5 in the morning after waking up late
My skin looking nice 
Drinking water
January challenge 

also would like too add a review from a lovely girl I found on ig she was doing a little give away where i could review her beautiful jewellery and i was happy when she sent me the email  her page is called R.E.N and it sells 'Unique and handmade quality products using natural gemstones' and the stuff is so stunning and made perfect!  and it comes perfectly packed with a little bag the jewellery its self is so flawless and light weigh that you can hardy even tell you have any on, the details are perfect and what i loved about this was it reminded me of the heart of the ocean from titanic which was a special movie we used too watch with my late nana,     

if you would like too buy your very own amazingly home made jewerry then you can find her facebook page here and tell her i said hi, I give this girl 10 / 10 on the shop is so relisable and you get it in the post not very long after you ordered it, thankyou very much ..