Thursday, 8 January 2015

interview with a blogger' amummastimeout

Hello! lovelys so today im going too be interview the very lovely bee!! over at amummastimeout i first found her on a pregnancy forum with her very crazy colourful hair {see below} <3

 and we instantly started talking shes amazing:  and I cannot wait too meet her soon!! so lets get one with the questions before i start rambling on yet again! so here are my questions and her answers enjoy! 

What are three ways to win your heart?
Food, being able to make me laugh, candles I'm a sucker for a candle

why inspired you start blogging?
Once the girls were in bed I spent my nights just wasting my time scanning through facebook and instragram over and over and over it started to drive me crazy, I read a few blogs and wondered why don't I give it a go myself.

did you always want too be a mummy?
Noooo... I never ever wanted children and I never ever wanted to get married but here I am lol.. but i wouldn't have it any other way!

what blogger would you like too meet?
Ahh tough one theres so many! Hayley from sparkles and stretchmarks is very high up on the list, I would say Heather but shes my online best friend not just a blogger friend

What are three things you have told yourself that kept you going when upset?
Its a bad day not a bad life, this to shall pass (I want something like a clock,candle or sand timer to remind me of this quote) My babies! just simply that knowing they'll love me regardless and will be there with open arms and a kiss gets me through anything

most important lesson you have learned in life?
Not everything needs a reaction, the old me would be right in the middle of an arguement if I didn't agree with something or had someone had something to say about my choices, Now I just have a giggle and scroll past I avoid any kind of confrontation where as the old me would be there mouthing off until she was blue in the face not caring who i offended or hurt, since keeping myself to myself my lifes been so much more simple
what was the last candle you burnt?
My primark winter berry one

how did you come up with your blog name?
My blog was never meant to have stayed as A mummas time out forever, it was simply a name to get me started on my layout but when I actually thought about it, it was the perfect name it didn't set my blog to one catorgery (atleast I hope) my blog is excatly what you expect a mum to be up to bit o family posts here and there, wishlists etc

What do you find most challenging about blogging?
Lately its been keeping up, before I know it a week coming up to 2 has passed and I've not blogged once!

who inspires you too blog?
Ahh theres so many blogs I take a peak at that inspire me to make a post of my own, Oh so amelia, raspberrykiss,

what are your blogging tip and tricks?
Make sure the font and colour you choose is clear and readable, I've left many blogs simply because I cannot read the posts which has left me gutted because from what I could read it was a really good read. The squinting trying to make out the words just gets to much to carry on.
Make sure your layout is easy to navigate around and not to messy theres nothing worse then visiting a blog and it being like that cluttered shelf everyone has not being able to find any of the things you want or need

what do you use too take your photos?
I use a LUMIX FZ48