Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January | Busy time.

Hello my darlings! sorry for the lack of post I have been getting ready too go to Manchester again one of my loved ones has died! what a start too the year aye!? and on top of that I have had bad internet coverage because of the weather! its been crazy in Scotland what it been like for you? have you had snow? we do at the moment which better not mess the travel up! I will try and do a couple of blog post at my father in laws as he has a pc in the study, I might even do house tour if he doesn't mind as his house is beautiful and hes built it himself, and its won awards but we will see if not ill see what I can blog about, but if you dont see me I my apology :)     

little extra::

feeling:: excited for my new kikki.k planner too arrive 

on the to do list:: make my list for Manchester 

my guilty pleasure:: downloading printables for my new planner 

favorites:: the colour lilac 

dreaming about:: a happy ending

grateful for:: my loved ones being in the next room
Measurements: 141mm H x 108mm L
• 4 card pockets
• Removable Ruler

Elastic pen loop

Elastic closure

Features both Monthly and Weekly views

Includes pages for:
• Addresses

Gold foil detailing
but ill be getting some extra added bit when i get some more money! i decided to get the mini/small so I can carry it everywhere with me and not feel like its too heavy but i might next year go too the next one up! by then it will be the different years color as last years was a mint color  im so excited too see what it looks like when I get it! I will be doing an unboxing on YouTube so keep an eye out for that! <3
talk soon darling loads of love  xoxo


  1. Such a cute planner! I love it!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

    1. It's so pretty! stay tuned for my way of making it pretty :)