Sunday, 4 January 2015

Manchester too scotland.

Okay so I get this question quite alot and though that I would write a blog post about it, just so then I can send people this blog post and my life will be alot more easier and less stressful by bringing the reason up! .. okay so I remember my childhood being happy and lovely loving family and parents and a big close family too do things with I even had a hand full of friends I would consider 'real' but the only problem was they were my primary school friends and we kinda grew apart as we went too different school's, so in high school this was a girl school and I didn't fit in with girl, they were not the nice's girl in the school I went too and because I was different they scenced that, I would do the most horriblist things you would never do too a human being!  which concised of pushing me down the stair's or even putting my head down the toilets, I used too spend my dinner's lonely or even with a group of girls who sometimes let me be part of there 'gang' and they become my best friends they were in my primary school so I did know them before which made me happy, but then I had too move school as another group of girls made my life a misery, but the new school I loved but had too move schools again as it closed down but that's another story.. but I was okay going back too the old school as it was a couple years later most the girls had moved on which made me feel so so happy until year 11 that was about too change when my primary school friends turned on me  for something I never did, so out of school I went again, but this time I didn't go back so I lost a year of studying, and the girls who 'hated me' lived closer too me, so I ended up making friends with a group of lad's which meant I was getting called all sorts of names, just because I would be with them instead...  


so then I met the love of my life and he was alot older than me (6) I was the most happiest I had ever been and some of the girls who were nasty new my boyfriends cousins and they were kinda 'the boss' lol of the place I was born and from which meant I felt alot safe walking around and just being myself,  by this time while I was with him our life has had so many up's and down's it really seemed like more downs than ups, and life got really bad for us both, we lost alot of his family members and a beloved friend, which really was not a nice time, then we got pregnant, lost the baby went on holiday, Tommy's auntie died I had a anxiety nervous breakdown because life was getting really sad, then too top that of our house got robbed all in the space of half a year, but we had a very close friend who lived in Scotland and I had visited for my birthday in the april 09, and I adored it so much and in a random state I mumbled would love too live in Scotland, it took use 6 weeks and we were of!    it was such a life changing moment! we said by by too everybody and never looked back! I am the most happiest I have ever been in my whole life.. I can be my own person up here and not feel like im going too get my head kicked in from behind, like the many times I did in manchester, so that's my long awaited blog post for all the many questions I have had..     not my normal post but I needed too get this story out, not for attention or oh what a bad life I had just too get the story and memories out there and just too share some with you lots of love xoxox