Sunday, 4 January 2015

My favourite things #1 // 2015.


Sometimes in life its the little things that just makes my heat melt!  even if they are 'thing' so today I decide I would show you some of the things that I have been loving this last month or so! im sorry that I have ONLY just been able too share with you but on christmas day I lost one of the thing that I had put too one side too share with you, and then found it yesterday which im happy about! as you know if you have been following me for this last year -2 years in may-  that it takes alot! to be added too my favourite things list, which is why you never really see them on my blog like other blogs, so let's get too all the great stuff that I want too show you! 

-sorry if the photo's are a little bit pant's still not found my new rechargeable batter's think the fairies have stolen them-

Candle  // I love a good candle but when I found this Star Lytes  candle for only 1 pound! and I though out its only a pound might as well give it ago! and I fell in love they smell increasable, I have only tried this one but if you head over too Bee's blog amummastimeout she has a blog post all about them and has a little bit more of an obsession :p   

Avon strawberry and cream room spray // i've always loved the smell together but when a friend got it and wasn't keen I was happy when she handed it too me! it smells amazing! ive had it since November i spray it near the cat litter and around the house just too give it a lovely fresh smell, normally room spray really get on my chest but this has been fine so far which im happy about just need too find somebody who does avon! 

Polka dot hoodie  // this is such a beautifully made hoodie, so soft inside and warm, we bought this from the January from 30!! pound too 8 pound so I was more than happy too pick this beauty up and head straight too the till 

Lonsdale yoga pants // I am not really keen on this make but they were pound from 60 in the sport direct and because I have started on my fitness program I was happy, they fit perfect and make my bum look nice as Tommy says lol

Yankee Candle Wax Melt - Candy cane lane //  It didn't look very nice in liquid form, but this smells so amazing when I lit it for christmas ev, I just wanted too jump in and smell it forever, it smells incredible and fills the room in less than a seconds 

I Love... Mini Treat Box (Cranberry Celebration) // this smells so yummy I could eat it, I have always loved the I Love stuff, but when received this for christmas eve I was so happy, i used it all before the big day! but I do have the second bottle still 

Impulse vanilla kiss body spray // I think this has made my favourites a couple of times last year, but I still
adore the smell more than most body spray, though at first it did give me an awful headache, but I must of got
used too it in the end the more I used it

Drawing //  Its not like this is a new favorite it just the fact that I have started loving drawing again, this is like
the 6th drawing I have done in the last couple of days!

VO5cherishmy colour conditioner // this has done wonders for my hair after my bleach fail last year, its really been helping the black
stay black for longer as I only use 24 wash dyes, and this smells amazing also

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