Wednesday, 21 January 2015

new little planner

 My new lovely kikki.k planner in lilac! what a little beaut she is! 

I am in love with my new little planner! I have been staring at it all day! I am just so scared too start writing anything inside as I don't like the thought of anything messing up or spelling something wrong! I have always had such an addiction too stationary ever since I was a little girl, you would alway see my head in some kinda little paper book, or coloring in some amazing little coloring page!  But when I found this site a couple of years ago, I would just make wishlist, as I did think it was a little expensive, THEN I found out that they had 50% of the latest planners I would be silly not too get one right?! I did want the medium one but had a budget of £20, so I just ended up with the small, but thinking about it, it is a good idea as I did want it just for taking it everywhere with me so that's good if im on the go and can just write my idea's down :) 

in the little pockets of my planner I didn't want them over packed with things I know I wouldn't use so I just added my favourites, the girl I found her in novembers issus of company and Just new She was going too go somewhere special , That is all I can really show you of her as I said before I have been too scared too write in her! at the back there is a little note pad but not too much so I shall be making an extra part for her and adding extra paper, too write ideas as I don't think there is enough! apart from that I adore her <3

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