Sunday, 25 January 2015

What in my bag // #1 2015

 What IN my BAG! 

Hello my lovely gumdrop's! I though today I would do a 'what in my bag' as the last one was quite some time ago I think it was my travel bag one!! you can read this here if you like, My bag has changed so much the last couple of months but lately I have been using my little monkey tote bag, I adore it because it fits cosy on my arm and I can ram all my  favourite things in there so lets jump in my over packed bag shall we ?! because that why your on this post? ;)   

so here is what is in my bag! <3

1  My new kikki.k planner you can read 
My post here 
2  Pencil case 
3  Heat magazine 
4  gloves and scarf 
5 phone, charger and earphones picture cut it of   
6 pretty card from my neice 
8 litte fliffy case which has medication and bits and bobs I don't want lying at the bottom of my bag little ocd with that lol!
9 Pencil case full too the top of my planner goodies! <3 

And that's what is in my very amazing tot bag! lots of love pretty people. <3