Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mid life crises?

I had that. I have that. what is that. where is that going? do you ever ask yourself them questions?  I feel like im stick in a mid life crises, think I need a new mind set or a new lease of life? im not depressed in life im feeling quite happy, I just don't think I do enough stuff, or get out more but it so hard, sometimes I really don't mind going out on my own, or going for little walks on my own, but then sometimes I think oh I cannot go out there on my own what if this or that happens lol! doesn't help that fact because I don't get out on my own I don't make any friends, which means im a loner! haha I don't normally mind being one, but lately I feel like a girlfriend would be quite nice, somebody to go girlie shopping with, when Tommy's not in the mood to be looking through lots of underwear spots that have discount bra's lol! but then again I'm always skint so wound not be able too buy pretty bras anyway lol! So I think that's why I have lost a little bit of blog inspiration because I do the same thing all the time, that I don't want too write about the same thing over and over again, I adore blogging and writing but I feel like my brain is empty with words too write about! but I will be doing alot more you tube video's so I will have that too write about soon! and it my birthday soon and ill have alot of exciting thing too write about!