Monday, 9 February 2015

The COSMO quiz!

Name: heather louise dillon

Nickname: hevvycakes or hevvy

My best feature: hmm that's tough for me as I have good day's and bad normaly its my boobies! but some times I hate there so big!

And I play them up by: Wearing pretty tops and sexy bra's

My biggest turn on is: My husband freshly out of the shower

The things that make me cry is: when I see my loved ones upset and crying

The things that make me cry with laughed: My bestie <3

The one clothing item I cannot live with out: Onsies!!

The woman who inspires me the most: Always with out a doubt my mummy

When nobodys is looking its

  1. dance in front of the mirror
  2. do pouty selfies
  3. kiss photos of your hunky fella
  4. sing your heart out   

I feel the sexyist in:  Freshly showed in clean pj's no make up and just feeling clean and alll happy

The last text I got read: Aw get well soon bestie its just horrible your feeling poo, love you xxxxxxx

If I was a boy for the day what would you do: proberly naught things haha

I feel more powerful when: hmm I dont ever feel it unless im at taekwon do kicking somebodys ass normaly tom lol

You will be shocked too find that: I stole this from a mag hehe


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