Sunday, 8 February 2015

newlook. black edition.

Hello my lovely's remember me? after a week break ive decided not too hide away in my bed any more and just stop feeling sorry for myself haha. 

so I was in new look last week just though I would have a little looksey as it has a nice welcome look too it! I was told a couple of times this was an expensive shop and too avoid it, but I needed a pretty dress for a friends engagement party and was kind of getting sick of peacock's as im not so keen on there clothes any more unless you want leggings or pj's then that's fine but not as good for anything else, so of a trot in too new look and I find 7 perfect dresses!! waited for tom and shown him and he picked the gray salt and pepper dress which I loved! so today I thought I would do a new look wishlist.

and I though I would do a black style look as I really do love black clothes lol!, it just somthing clean about the look! do you no think?  

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