Friday, 27 March 2015

Black milk; wishlist.

Black milk is my all time favourite clothing brand little expensive but im not surprised as the quality is meant too be really good  , its just the most perfect thing in the whole world lol { so I have heard from alot of girlie's and sharks } and THEN I heard they have releasing a princesses collection and I have been a fan of Disney f o r e v e r !!  I was so happy! I cried { this was like way back in 2014 } and as ill be trying too get into the alternative modelling soon I thought it would be the perfect time too write a wish list? and the fact my birthday is just around the corner ;) so lets just right into the perfectly expensive clothing and barging.

So for the disney pretties!   

Alice in wonderland leggings BARGIN - eBay  | Marie dressBlack milk | Under the sea leggings - Black milk 

For other pretties

Adventure time leggings BARGIN - eBay | Corpse bride leggings - Black milk | Galaxy legging  - Black milk |  Mermaid foil print leggings - Black milk

so that's my black milk wish list! lots of love xoxo <3