Wednesday, 25 March 2015

OOTD, through my iphone!

Hoodie from concert | Skirt- eBay | tights  - Peacocks  Boots - eBay

I have been loving wearing this skirt so much its the most cosyist skirt I have owned in a long time! which is good because im not overly keen on wearing skirts! the hoodie in the photo belongs too my husband but its the only hoodie in the house that goes with what im wearing, so I pinch it on the odd occasion, I walked 5 miles in these boots and my legs were sore but that's because I walked alot, but my feet were really cosy and walm! 

 Dress is hell bunny - Sinderellas | tights  - Peacocks  shoes - plain dolly shoes

I A D O R E this my little pony cup cake bear dress more than anything! when I found it at my friends alternative shop I wanted too cry! BUT it was the last one so I have linked you too a place you can buy its from, not for £10 like I got it at but still cheaper than the £65 pound on the hell bunny website!.

hope that you liked my first OOTD post! I will be doing more of these now I have alot more nicer clothes so keep an eye out! sorry its been a while blogging but ive been so busy the last couple of months and its about too get busy! but tomorrow ill try and do a catch up post and a haul post as ive been buying some lovely things lately so lots of love xoxo