Sunday, March 01, 2015


Hi Lovely's it's Sunday! which mean's a Sunday currents! i adore doing these ever Sunday, like its a day you know what coming, I really do hope that your not getting bored of them as I do feel like they are a wee bit boring but cannot seems too stop doing this scheduled blog post! BUT tomorrow im of on an adventure some where new so that will be a blog post of something new for you guys! so lets get stored on this currently! <3

READING : I am reading one of my favourite manga (anime books - Japanese books) at the moment called death note, its about a student who comes across an ability to kill anyone they know if they write there name's down in a supernatural notebook, if you haven't heard of it then you can read about it here
WRITING Im writing up my agenda for tomorrow as I have a very busy day and im write this blog post :)
LISTENING this is not normally my style but i have become too love this band so much!! they are called in this moment and im listening too a song called big bad wolf I adore! her makeup, not quite the video as it kinda what my nightmares are made of haha!
THINKING My doctors appointment been alittle bit worried about something, and hopefully get some sort of answer I have been waiting for since I was about 15 :(
SMELLING My cinnamon and orange candle 
WISHING 'wishing for rain as I stand in the desert' (8)
HOPING that the weather is good tomorrow, and wishing that I didn't stress about every little part of my life! 
WEARING my pajama top and knickers, too hot in this house as im washing all the clothes
LOVING my new clothes my husband got my for my bithday! they are stunnig, and he went and added two more stuff so I need too update this blog post here
WANTING My test result to be okay so I can get on with things and be less worried 
NEEDING Too dry the last load of washing

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