Thursday, 23 April 2015

Family Holiday // 10 April 2015.. (yorkshire dales)

Hello my lovely's !! Have you missed me?! (; I am finally back from my week and half away, and I had such a lovely time, and feel abit blue :( the boat life is so peacefull and full of adventure, coming back too real life has made me a little bit sad! but maybe one day ill be a boat housewife ;) 

the boat it's self:

the boat was so lovely, and cosy the front of the boat (cockpit) open up and turned into a double bed. which was not the most lcosyist of bed's but we made do because the boat its self was lovely, on the first night we stayed on the canal right near a grave night which was so nosiey at night with the bells, wind and very strange noises, which my sister in law said was the sheep and baby's.

the view on the canal:

as you can see there was alot of animal. and pretty views this isnt even half of the animal we saw! at the night time just before it was about to get dark we saw a deer and baby doe, trying too get over the fence they were there for a good 40 mins untill the darkness took them away

Pub food:

stake and ale pie, hotchoclate, chill, and curry night, this isnt even have the nice food we had there is many more food photos but this would be just a food post ;)


random day's out:

the little Church we stayed next too, cath kidston shop, pixie straws little coffee boat
little drinky poos, pretty shoes, vanila coke, and stong little girls after helping with the pull bridge

cute little cafe we found:

i miss this little cafe so much!! it was called cafe cake! and i feel in love with the little place i just think it should have had a little white cat called marshmellow just too add the little cutieness extra cute

random photos:

hope you liked my little holiday post, I had the time of my life and WILL be doing it again next year! thankyou for being patient on my little non post, but im back again and have more planned lot of love xoxo