Thursday, 30 April 2015

Birthday post! 🎂

How fast has this month gone, its was my birthday yesterday! I had a lovely day! and I got spoilt rotten! and I still have a couple of things planned like a PHOTOSHOOT! on saturday! which I am so excited about! but that's a different story! 

I had the lovelyist day with my family and husby! went shopping through the day and got spoilt rotteon from him the little babe got me some clothes a month ago which was amazing and I love them so much but then he surprised me with some more things as well as a night away at my freinds on saturday! 
this is some of the things i picked up while shopping yesterday! (he bought me some jeans but they didn't fit and neither did the next size up!) but he bought me a wonderwoman top too go with the jeans which was the perfect size! so he let me spend some money on what the jeans cost and took them back and got some more bit's as we saw them! he spent so much on me I cannot wait till his bithday.. 

High waisted tartan jeggings - Sports direct  | Iphone case - Sports direct   adventure time skirt - Sport's direct
Mascara - Superdrug  | nail polish - Superdrug 

 so that's what my husby got me! they are such amazing present's and I feel so Lucky! <3 and then for the rest of the family I also got some amazing present that are so me its unreal here is what I got given

Im not too sure where these are from as these are little surprises As you can see I was so spolt I feel like the luckyist girl ever which the little presents I got! so that's all the present's I have gotten and I have some more on there way and Ive had money from my grandparent's and lovely cards ever so underneath is some memories in photo form, ill update with you soon with my birthday photoshoot and day/night out xxx 

Lots of love xoxox