Tuesday, 7 April 2015

LITTLE ChitChat!

Hello my lovely's ! i have to say I have had a pretty good couple of day's! ever if I have not got everything crossed off my little list of list yet, but its kinda hard too tick of, buy a Costa on the way too Manchester stop of , and pack every little item I own away, and not touch it EVER! .. after finding out that my scare was just a scare I have decided too take life by the bull and just be happy and not worry about stupid little things that are more than likely not going too happen or that are going too happen and there is nothing I can do about it, when I get back from my well needed trip I will be going too be going all one with my life, and yoga , and Buddhism thinking the lot! lol.. so I have been thinking latly what would you guys like too read about I feel like its the same old kinda stuff and It getting a little boring too me anyways, so would you guys like cooking post? make up post, if you have any idea's please let me know :)  

Did you ever think when you were a little girl/boy I wonder what I will be when I grow up, and then all of a sudden your sat there still wondering but the only thing wrong with the picture is that you ARE grown up! do you ever think wow how did that happen? im going too be 29 at the end of this month and im still wondering 'what do I want too be when I grow up' you are grown up woman!! I do have thing's I want too be I would love too become a writer, but that's a silly little girls dream, then I think ohhh ohh a midwife!!! then I think nope what if this what if that, I cannot handle the heart ace that will come with the job! then I think OH ill be a stay at home mom? yes that will do. looks around OH SHOOT where's the kiddies, 'shouts the cats' LOL! hmm! haha .. okay I will be a house cleaner and clean everyones house and my own, so lady's and gents that is properly what I am going too do, BECOME A CLEANER! yeah that would be the perfect job for me, no people just the ones your cleaning for who will leave you be and let you clean, so I will be looking for a part time job soon and clean!! (when maybe in a yr or so when my anxiety is better <3

wow sorry about this blog post I can on here too post some pretty little photos for summer and its ended up being one hot mess of random outbursts haha! be back tomorrow with a better planned blog post! night night lovely s xoxox


  1. I struggle so much too with the whole "What do I want to be?" question :\ There are so many things I love doing but at the same time there is almost nothing that I want as a 'career'. Being a YouTuber would be awesome I think, but I'd need a TON more people watching to actually make any money out of it :( #strugglingartistinthemaking :P

    1. Thankyou for stopping buy poppy! <3 struggled with it for so long, anxiety doesn't help either lol yep maybe your right!! #strugglingartistinthemaking :D xxx