Monday, 6 April 2015

Weekly 5 Wishes #1


1. Get a head of my blog post, for before I go away Friday
I wont be able too blog where im going as there will be limited internet ill be doing random updates on my facebook and instagram if you want too follow them. 

2. Get packed and check everything of my list (the list needs too be wrote yet)
I need too do so much before Friday its really unreal!  and I need too buy some things for the journey

3. Have a happy holiday, and hope that my hay fever doesn't get bad
been getting headaches bad this year, and not got any allergy tabs so lets hope im not too too bad

4.  Start my new penpal letter
Yay I found another girl wanting too be my penpal and shes from the uk which means it will be quite fast! <3

5. For my mummy too have an amazing birthday!
we will be away for her birthday, see I will be bringing her back a very special present !! <3

                                       what are your WISHES for the week? <3 


  1. Happy early birthday to your mom!! I hope you have fun on your trip :)

    I'm doing a giveaway over on my blog, it'd be awesome if you went and checked it out!! I Naked Basics Palette Giveaway

    1. Hii! thankyou very much, and I will do and have a wee nosy <£