Friday, 3 April 2015

Picture diary #1

  1. My first ever commission work, at it's lovely new home <3
  2. Adventure time mug! with a lovely cup of milky tea
  3. Little boy cuddles { i will be doing an update of my kitty's progresses soon }
  4. New makeup testing, makes my skin all modely like love it { review soon }
  5. Both kitty's sharing some love time <3 
  6. Planning for my holiday and using some new lovely stickers 
  7. Power ranggerss for my little sisters birthday 
  8. Little selfie from my sisters new phone on her birthday
  9. Lovely new top from tommy for my birthday
  10. 5 mile walk I did with tommy and my friends 
  11. Dark makeup kinda day
  12. TBS My little niece and tommy and me when she was 2!
  13. Love a good selfie
  14. TBS Niece brother sister nephew 
  15. GORGEOUS! photo i found which gave me alot of inspiration <3

be back tomorrow with a review of my new makeup pieces <3 lots of love xoxox