Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday's fun day! :)

got my red hair back ain't I<3

Hi, Hope you are all having a lovely Easter,  and the little bit of sun we have had today was lovely wasn't it? so hope you all had a lovely dinner and got lots of chocolates, {im on a diet so didn't want any good heather} so as its Sunday i thought? yep you have guessed it, Sunday currents! :p sorry my blogging has been a little non existent really not had time too sit and have a nice cupa lately! since when did my life get so busy? anyway lovely s  on with the blog post! happy Easter darlings <3

at the moment i have been really in too my books, I have stopped reading the girl on the train as im saving that for my holiday! but at the moment I have nearly finished the diary of anne frank started it on friday too lol!    

I am working on something at the moment which will be revelled in a couple of months when its partly finished but I AM SO EXCITED! , and im writing this blog post and my manchester list for my holiday on the 11th eee! 5 days till im with my family so excited <3  

I'm not 'listening' too anything at the moment but I can hear tommy playing something in the back ground, kinda scary game too so im glad my laptops coving most of the screen haha!  

The weather and about viking history tbh lol! how exciting!! im really in too my viking history atm and about the viking gods, and the hair, and just the way  they live, it really interested me <3

Nothing blocked sinuses again  

For nice weather when we go away, boats and rain don't really mix well do they?

 to connect with nature and earth a little bit, ill be going on a cleanse when I  get back, no more junk, and lots of yoga <3 

if i was writing this half an hour ago, it would have been my pretty white dress, white pumps, and a black cardie, but im not lol, its fluffy polka dots pj bottoms, and a big grey  t that tommy gave me because I adore the print on it so much, its all black and grey with this pop of red doesn't do much for my figure but its cosy! ...

The fact my life is very busy atm and really keeping me going having lots of fun things too look forward too, its not going too fast or too slow

My bags and washing too be magically washed a packed! 

Think of what I need too take with me and what I just want but don't really need 

Happy because im finally getting my energy back after a really long case of the flu


The bottons on my laptop <3

Lots of love little chicks! xoxo