Monday, 4 May 2015

☾ Five Happy Things.

Here is a little post just for appreciating the smallest things in life, and just look back on the week you have had! and just too scrap book and  remember what I got up too on my bank holiday of! also marked the 2 years point of having my little kitten oreo! you can read that blog post here, just too see how far in life she has come  :* so lets get on with the little things that have made me happy this weekend.

Cat's. I have always had a love for cat's ever since I was little and I got given a cat of my dad's work mate, and i called her 'carla' after my best friend but then later found out carla was actually carl! we stayed out this weekend at my friends house and she has two adorable cuddly cats who were just the most cuties cats (other then my babys ovb) which reminds me of my little baby cat as one of hers his having babies! and my not so little cat is 2 years and 8 weeks old! but shes still so teeny be pretend shes still a little baba kitten. which reminds me also you need to read this

Flowers. this week I had a photoshoot in a beautiful location which was full of beautiful different flowers! but my nose today is all tickly and sore as I do suffer with hay fever pretty bad! but it made the photo's so pretty with the flowers in the back ground so I cannot really moan abut them because they are very beautiful things god/men has created

Bank holidays. I love bank holidays because tommy gets too stay of college and we had a lovely time and got too meet some lovely people and spend time with the people we love, and he helped me with my photoshoot so that even better to! 

Modeling. I love love LOVED it! its really something Im going too get more intoo and have a couple more shoots planned for the future with a couple of amazing models whuch im looking farward too! it was my first shoot you can read all about it here 

         I hope that your weekend was as nice as your butt! lots of love xoxox

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