Saturday, 30 May 2015

Libbery in the countryside


wow! I really am amazed but my little village where we live! the population is only 3,361 and today the little town made me smile and made me realised how much of a caring little place darvel is! not only is it a lace town! but it's a very private place that really gives back too its people!   'Non sibi sed cunctis'  which means 'Not for ourselves, but for others' how lovely is that! they think about the people who live in the little area around the village! it makes me so proud of being part of this little family!  

well today I went for a long way walk too the shops and when i was walking i saw this tiny little box and stopped and though ohh' what's that! too find out it was a little libbery that's there ever month you can take one and leave one! its such a cute idea!! and really felt like the universe wanted too give me a smile! really made my day

the town i used too live in, in manchester you couldn't even leave a book on the floor with out it getting wee'd on or pinched they would steal washing never mind a little mini library! which just makes me smile so much knowing that the little town is so very trusting and knowing you can do things like that because the people around here are so nice, makes me feel so safe, and when I do have kid's they wont be brought up disrespectful, and the town will be so nice that they wont be disrespectful in the town because every body else is  nice '? its feel's like i have feel through my tv and landed into pleasantville ville, i will do a blog post on my town soon just wanted too share this little happiness with you <3