Friday, 29 May 2015

Life. -thought's, family and fun.


lately I have really been thinking about a lot of thing's my life being one of them, as some of you all may know Anxiety and agoraphobia have been a very big part of my life since I was 14 this isn't a feel sorry for me post  but lately I have felt like I have missed a hell of a lot of my life being scared of going out or having an adventure's with people being scared of the outside world has left a big impacts on my life and made me miss going out with friends or getting the bus on my own and go on my own little adventures, getting on a bus and thinking oh might go here or there. but I have decided it's time too stop being afraid im going too kick it up the bum!     

I have been so happy lately but I just cannot get this feeling away that something big is missing from my life? is it me or does anybody else ever feel like there is something that's missing like life would be better with what ever it is? or am I just one of them people who just over think things? Haha!! im forever doing that. even if its about what for tea. haha!! 

I had a good week, my little neice and her freind came too visit us, all we did was laugh till our belly's ached ate lots of food and drank lots of nice food, and went in all the random shop's and even found this beautiful little shop called kaleidoscope and its the most perfect little shop where I live down a cute little allyway, and its sells loads of differnt things but mainly yankee candles and nice little bits like that, so after we poped in there it was time for them too go home, but the couple of days i had with them it was lovely and cannot wait for them too come and visit use again. but wont be both of them as lucy is going away , but jenny will be up in summer so that will be lovely! hope you like the photo's <3 


lots of love xoxo