Monday, 25 May 2015

The Happy Skin Tag



Hello lovely's I have seen this video around YouTube alot, but I didn't really wanna record a video, gone alittle poo with uploading them Ill record them and edit them but not upload them! :/ I hate my voice! so lets get on with the happy skin tag! and I tag you ;p  

How would you best describe your skin?
My skin is very sensitive! hates me using so many different products, like makeup I have too stick too mua, or rimmle, and soap and glory hates me! :(

What are your main skin care concerns?
I have get a brown rash on my neck from hormones, but my skins if okay not dry not wet or oily unless I use soomething my skin hates then it will hate me!

What's the weirdest natural ingredient you have used in your skincare routine?
I once but honey on my skin after a really bad break out from hormones but it was so horrible and sticky it just wasnt for me, washed it of just as I started 

How do you describe happiness?
laughter :)

Describe your skincare routine in 5 words.
Simple, fast, camomile, hot water , simple (brand)

What is your top skin care tip?
moisturizer under your eyes with a differnt moisturizer, like total moisture by benefit and then simple face moisturizer every where else  

 What makes you laugh everyday?
Lots of things make me happy and make me laugh proberly my lovely husband andd kitty's 

What steals your skin's natural radiance?
Lack of sleep and not drinking enough water

What are your top tips for healthy, glowing skin?
moisturize and drink lots of water

What's your skin care 101?
sleep and water! 

What's your happy place?
My bed and my lovely home <3