Wednesday, 3 June 2015

H2Only challenge. Day.1 (2)

Day two:

Tt's day one but it started yesterday at 5pm so that's alot of hr's with out my beloved tea, its not a nice feeling but its for a verry good reason so im in it too the end..

Water is probably the most underestimated drink/compound in existence. -Your body is 80% water, drink 2L a day whether you're thirsty or not. A lot of people mistake thirst for hunger, ever had an insatiable craving? You're thirsty.
-Any chemist will tell you "chemical reactions happen most dynamically in aqueous form" DRINK WATER, It's a myth that you'll magically stimulate your metabolism but it will speed up your mechanisms.
-Gut and digestive health: Not only does it give your digestion a helping hand, it also flushes toxins (whether you consume them or not) out of your system. Water keeps your liver and kidneys happy especially if you're on a high protein diet or medication.
-Skin: most, if not all skin problems come from hormonal/digestive imbalance, water helps restore homeostatic balance of your serum hormone, salt, sugar and protein levels therefore making your skin glow, it's also the cheapest moisturiser you can get. Work from the inside out. 

So thats up there is a very good reason too stick for it in my way! so looks like i am going too benefit this as well as lifes at sea, so below are all the thing's im feeling atm just so i can keep a little 'paindiary' xx

  1. headache: behind my eyes and top of my head
  2. sleepyness: its like im really sleepy but not in a i need too go too sleep 
  3. depressed: i feel really low, and just not very happy feel like i have the blues about no tea feels like my life is different with out a cupp #teacureseverything
  4. achey: my legs hurt so bad!
  5. concentration: i just cannot do it, i started this blog post at 10pm its now 23:33
  6. feel like i have the flu
hopefully they dont last the whole ten days!! bye bye  much love xoxo