Friday, 10 July 2015

Hello 😘

Hi lovelies!  It's been so so long I hope your all doing good and enjoying live whatever you have been doing I have been cut of the internet because the interest we are on is a total joke we are just waiting too be but back on the Internet with a different company but that's not till the end of July.  

I've not really had any where too blog where it's been with quite space so in writing this on my IPhone ready too post the next day!  But I miss you all and the whole lack of blogging is really doing my head in ive had no way of ranting and bit being able too read all my favourite blogs and watch you tube ! 

So I have been waiting big brother #lovinglife lol but I've joined collage and they accepted me! So excited I start in August :D and I'll be doing computing with digital media I feel so proud that I have followed my dreams and going places on my own. Just by myself so excited. 

We have also been house hunting so we have been having house views and looking around on right move.  We do have one in mind and have the deposit so just a waiting too hear back so wish me look and also dun dun durrrrrn we are getting a new fur baby so excited she's a tiny little nearly 3 month old kitten.  

Hope you all forgive my lack of post but I'll try my hardest as Tommy has just bought Internet so we both can use toms phone :D talk later lots of love xxxxxx